Drone Market to Reach $100 Billion by 2020*

According to the FAA, drones in the U.S. will grow by 4.5x by 2020. Shipments of consumer drones will more than quadruple over the next five years, fueled by increasing price competition and new technologies.**

Estimated Investment in Drone Hardware

Projected UAV Global Market

Growth of Drones in the Commercial Marketplace


The number of land surveyors in the U.S., which we use as a proxy for UAV demand in construction. UAVs can help surveyors create 3D maps.


The estimated number of days spent filming movies, TV shows and commercials in a year, where drones are increasingly likely to be on set.


The payload capacity of a K- MAX UAV, which could be used to transport supplies to firefighters in locations too dangerous for a manned aircraft.

*WSJ A Goldman Sachs report earlier this month said the global drone market would reach $100 billion by 2020, with $21 billion of that from commercial drones.

**Business Insider Drone Report