Providing Reliable Open Source PropwareTM to the Drone Industry

We are developing open source software and services, including the "RedCat PropwareTM" software system for multi-copter drones. We are committed to serving the interests and needs of open source software users and developers and sharing all of our product developments as a catalyst with the open source community. We want pilots to have the best PropwareTM possible, to enable fast and agile flying!

Technical support

When we embarked on this mission 9 month ago we were amazed of the dedication of drone pilots around the world. We went through the entire process of tracking everything down online to get our first few drones built.

Each one got easier, but we made a lot of mistakes, after chopped battery cables, motors not spinning correct direction, props on incorrect, binding errors, you name it, we made the mistake. We have been documenting this and want to provide support to new racing pilots and local hobby shops. We want to help the community get bigger by having 24-hour support. We understand not every pilot is in the US and many products are built in China. Call us, we don't mind dumb questions because we already asked them.