Our mission at Red Cat is to create technology to secure airspace globally for the entire drone industry. The Red Cat team of engineers and data scientists have created an industry-leading platform that fills the hole of flight analytics and telemetry for Insurance, Air Traffic Control, and flight data analyzation. We are Red Cat and we are solving problems for a safer world.


  • Blockchain
    Black Box

    red cat black box

    red cat blackbox analytics AI

    Red Cat's drone black box flight recorder is the first distributed system with security and encryption that regulators and insurance companies can trust. Our drone analytics and storage allow flight replay with customizable reports that can determine fault or performance issues.

    Encrypted Flight Logs

    Reliable Information

    Drone Self Diagnosis AI

    Increased Performance

  • RISC V
    Flight Controller

    red cat riskv drone controller

    flight controller red cat

    Red Cat has partnered with UPR Mayagüez on a research program to develop an open sourced based flight controller with the world’s fastest open source RISC V processor. This System On a Chip (SOC) allows us to embed the software into hardware giving the flight controller 10x the performance of existing flight controllers.

  • Airsurance
    AI For Drones

    red cat AI

    red cat drone AI Damaged Roof Top & AI automated Damage Assessment

    Bringing home owners, insurance companies and contractors into a secure blockchain environment helping home owners with damaged roof tops get paid quicker and connect them with a verified contractor and other vendors while preventing fraud and double payments for the insurance companies.

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