Employing Blockchain and Drone Artificial Intelligence into the Insurance value chain

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Block Chain and Artificial Intelligence for Drones

Here at Red Cat, our mission is to secure the future of the entire drone community, by creating better technology through open source software, hardware and a token ecosystem that can enable ownership for customers, employees and shareholders.

Blackbox by Red Cat is a blockchain technology that records all information like a traditional airliner blackbox. We send the information directly to the cloud and clone your drone in real time. This information can then be viewed using our analytics platform with your secure login.

Airsurance by Red Cat is a new product we developed to assist home owners and businesses that were hit by recent hurricanes. It is an online exchange that connects home owners with multiple roof top contractors, FEMA, and private insurance adjusters. Red Cat is able to get you a reliable assessment of your roof top, using drone photography, video and artificial intelligence to give you an accurate estimate of square footage and how much damage you may have. We utilize smart contracts to keep your information safe and to verify partners. Our Beta trial was filled after just one hour.



  • Red Cat is founded Mar 2016
    Arm your drones!
  • Moves to Puerto Rico Sep 2016
  • 2nd Office at UPR Mayagüez Jan 2017
  • Red Cat's Black Box Alpha Feb 2017
    First Version with only beta Flight support
  • Partnership with UPR Apr 2017
    Signed partnership with UPR Mayagüez to develop drone products and Intellectual property
  • RC BlackBox Beta Aug 2017
    Interactive Graphs, support for DJI
  • Headquarter hit by Maria Sep 20th 2017
  • Red Cat's Airsurance Beta Nov 2017
    Application to help Puerto Rico's recovery
  • Red Cat's Pre-Sale Launch Mar 14th 2018
    Blockchain unbound conference 2018
  • Red Cat's Pre-Sale Closes Apr 21st 2018
  • Red Cat's ICO/STO June 5th 2018
    Red Cat launches STO
  • Red Cat's Airsurance v0.2 May 2018
    Beta testing
  • Red Cat's Blackbox v0.2 Jun 2018
    Variable correlation and dynamical graphs for streaming
  • Red Cat's Airsurance v0.3 Jun 2018
    AI full integration. Deeplearning for measurements and model retrieval from 2D photos
  • Red Cat's ICO/STO Closes Jul 14th 2018
  • Red Cat's Black Box v0.3 Jul 2018
    Drone Data driven self-diagnosis
  • Risk V5 Processor v0.1 Jul 2018
    Summer project jointly with UPR
  • Red Cat's Airsurance v0.4 Aug 2018
    Insurance Company integration
  • Red Cat's Airsurance v0.5 Oct 2018
    Smart Contracts using RC token
  • Red Cat's Risk v5 Processor v0.2 Nov 2018
    LTEinternet chip integration
  • Red Cat's BlackBox v0.4 Nov 2018
    Pilot Service Providers + Airsurance integration
  • Red Cat's Risk v5 Processor v0.3 Dec 2018
    Drone testing
  • Red Cat's BlackBox v0.5 Jan 2019
    Live Blackbox streaming using lte network
  • Red Cat's Blackbox v0.6 Mar 2019
    Full blockchain integration of Blackbox logs


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Nestor Morales

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BlockChain Specialist

Fabian Monsalve

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Chief Data Scientist

Felipe Rodriguez


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